OSx16 Operating System

OSx16 (Since 2002)
Horizon OS (1997-2002)
OSx32 (Since 2002)

OSx16 Version 6.22 Beta Release Revision 05

OSx16 Aims To Clone The Full Functionality of PC-DOS/MS-DOS/DR-DOS.

Horizon OS Environment

OSx16 is Closed Source and Written in Assembly.
OSx16 Is For x86-Based Personal Computers (PC).
There is not relation between “Horizon OS, OSx16, OSx32 Operating Systems” And “Open Source Operating Systems”.

OSx32 Environment (GUI / Multitask)

OSx16 Version 6.22 Beta release Revision 05 Includes “OSx32 Core Engine, Built-In Universal Host Controller (UHCI) And USB Sound Card Device Drivers”/OSXVM.
If You Have USB Sound Card /Device/Adapter and PC/Laptop With Universal Host Controller Interface (UHCI), Plug The USB Sound Card To System, Execute and Install The OSXVM and Get The Real/HQ Sound Effects (Audio) During The Playing The Games (All Atari 2600 Games And Some DOS Games).

OSx16 Game Commander With Many DOS/ATARI 2600/NES/SEGA Games

OSx16 Version 6.22 Beta release (Revision 05+) BOOT-CD/BOOT-USB Includes More Than 300 Atari 2600 Games, Some Abandoned DOS Games, Emulators, And The “Marbles And Bars” Game To Demonstrate Compatibility of OSx16.

Atari 2600 Game, H.E.R.O

The “Marbles And Bars” Game Developed Specially for “OSx16” and “Horizon OS”.

“Marble And Bars (1997)” Game For OSx16 and “Horizon OS”


OSx16 Ver. 6.22 Rev. 08 BOOT FDD/USB/CD Includes :
OSxHXE – OSx16 Hex Editor
OSxCDEX – OSx16 CD/DVD Driver
OSxDCS – OSx16 Disk Copy Service
OSxFMT – OSx16 Disk Format
OSxGC – OSx16 Game Commander
OSxMEM – OSx16 Memory Status Viewer
OSxB2T – OSx16 Binary to Text Converter
OSxT2B – OSx16 Text To Binary Converter
OSxUSND – OSx16 USB Sound Card Device Driver  (OHCI/UHCI/EHCI Supported)
OSxVIU – OSx16 Picture Viewer
OSxWIP – OSx16 Hard Disk Drive Wipe Utility
OSxXMM – OSx16 eXtended Memory Manager
OSxMBG – OSx16 Marbles And Bars Game
OSxJMice – OSx16 Atari 2600 Joystick Adapter
Exrenal Commands/Programs.

G.Reza Yahyavi Fakour
F.Sadat Pirkhezri Moghaddam

Direct Download :
Operating Systems, “Marbles And Bars (1997)”, …

Create bootable USB drives the easy way :
Rufus – A utility that helps format and create bootable USB flash drives

OSx16 Operating System (MS-DOS Compatible)
OSx16 Environment and Games
OSx16Atari – Atari 2600 Expansion Board





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