Marbles and Bars

Marbles And Bars (1997)
Since 1997 (Modified At 2016)
Also Known As “Tower of Hanoi
Also Called The “Tower of Brahma

“Marbles And Bars” Game Released With “Horizon OS” and “OSx16” Operating Systems At 1997.
“Marbles And Bars (1997)” For Atari 2600 Is Other Revision Of “Marbles And Bars” Game of “Horizon OS”/”OSx16″/”OSx32” Operating Systems.
Like As “NetWars” Game of Novell-DOS, “Marbles And Bars” Developed For “Horizon OS”, “OSx16” and “OSx32” Operating Systems By “Horizon OS”/”OSx16″/”OSx32” Team.

Marbles And Bars Game For Atari 2600 (PAL)

The Source of Thought of Creating The Game Was A Book About Mathematics.
“Marbles And Bars” is Based On An Indian Story About “End of World”.
After Moving 64 Marbles From 1st Bar and Sorting Marbles On 3th Bar “End of World” Will Reach.

“Marbles And Bars (1997)” For Atari 2600 Have Two Formats/Revisions, NTSC and PAL.
The File Noted With (NTSC) For NTSC Conoles and (PAL) For PAL Consoles.

Marbles And Bars Game For Atari 2600 (NTSC)

You Will Find DOS Version of “Marbles and Bars” Game in “OSx16 Boot-CD” And “OSx16 Boot-USB”, Also.

G.Reza Yahyavi Fakour
F.Sadat Pirkhezri Moghaddam

Direct Download :
“Marbles And Bars (1997)”, Operating Systems, …

Emulators (DOS/WINDOWS/MacOS/Linux):
Stella – A multi-platform Atari 2600 VCS emulator
z26 – An Atari 2600 Emulator

Create bootable USB drives the easy way :
Rufus – A utility that helps format and create bootable USB flash drives

OSx16 Operating System (MS-DOS Compatible)
OSx16 Environment and Games
OSx16Atari – Atari 2600 Expansion Board



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